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All classes are specialized for each performing arts area, taught by college educated staff and in an nurturing environment. Each student is encouraged to expand their individual talents

Class Placement.doc (DOC — 35 KB)

Princess Ballerina- Ages 2-3

An introductory class for beginner dancers with a creative movement structure and ballet technique base. Children will be exposed to ballet terms through songs and movement.

Pre-Ballet- Ages 3-4

This Ballet class is geared for dancers who have completed at least one year of Tiny Dancers or are ages 3-4. This class will expand on the Tiny Dancer Curriculum as well as introduce more advanced ballet terminology and steps

Tiny Tumblers- Ages 2-4

This gymnastics based class introduces toddlers to the sport of gymnastics. Little ones will have tons of fun learning floor tumbling, using the balance beam and trampoline

Boppin' Tots- Ages 4-6

This class is our 45 minute jazz based class for dancers who love to MOVE! Dancers will learn introductory jazz steps set to fun, upbeat music 

Ballet/Tap combo- Ages 5 & 6

This class introduces students to the world of ballet and tap. They will experience half a class of ballet technique and the other with tap technique. This is a great class designed to have your little dancer explore dance!

Ballet Levels I-IV

Always known as the true foundation for any dance discipline, ballet is essential to a dancer’s progress. Through the discipline of ballet technique, students improve in grace, strength, coordination, flexibility and fluidity. Class consists of barre, center and across the floor work.

Pointe- Levels I & II

This class is for the more serious dancer who has had at least 3 years of ballet training. This class requires 2 ballet classes per week as well as teacher evaluation/recommendation 

Tap Levels I-IV

This fun and upbeat class is unbeatable for developing coordination, rhythm and musicality. Students from beginners to advanced will enjoy learning tap steps and combinations. Classes include a warm-up, center technique and combinations, as well as steps traveling across the floor.

Jazz Levels- I -IV

This class is upbeat and high energy. Emphasis is on skills and technique through warm-up, stretches, and rhythmic combinations using popular music. The newest of styles and skills in turning and leaping are covered in class and students enjoy being on the “cutting edge” when dancing with their friends. Great jazz technique is also a great physical workout. Students are challenged and motivated in this class

Lyrical Levels I-IV

Lyrical dance challenges dancers to use motion to interpret music and express emotion. Lyrical movements attempt to show the meaning of the music. Lyrical is a very passionate and emotional dance style. It portrays certain emotions such as love, and tells a story through every movement made through a strong ballet and jazz foundation.

Hip-Hop Levels I-IV

Learn some of the fundamentals of Hip Hop Dance including Popping, Locking, Waving, Robot, Ticking, Gliding and Floor Moves. This class will help improve your coordination and self-esteem on the dance floor. Each class begins with a warm up which includes isolations, stretching, abs and push ups. After class is great for students who just want to warm up. The class focuses on technique in Hip Hop, followed by cutting edge choreography based on musicality. For those students who want to have fun

Tumbling Levels I-IV

Ready, OK! This class is great for any student who loves to tumble and cheer. Emphasis is on strong foundation for floor tumbling skills. Students will gain confidence and skills with this class

Irish Step Dance Level I & II

The Irish Step Program is available for students ages 6 and up. This program teaches traditional Irish Step moves while providing students with the opportunity to explore the Irish Heritage

Musical Theatre level I -III

Ages 6

Musical Theatre is designed to develop comprehensive musical theatre skills including theatre dance, partnering, acting, character development and chorus singing. This class will be an excellent opportunity for students to prepare for school or community theatre auditions as well as developing confidence and stage presence in young dancers.

TLC ( Turns, Leaps and Conditioning) Ages 10+

For the more serious dancer who wishes to add to their weekly technique classes focusing primarily on turns, leaps and dancer conditioning

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